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28 > 31 MARCH 2019

InOut meets 7 new mobility startups at Mondial Tech

inOut 2019

While at Mondial.Tech, an event organised alongside the Paris Motor Show and dedicated to technological innovations of tomorrow's mobility, the inOut team took the opportunity to go out and meet new mobility startups. Shared, electric, and ecological mobility, predictive vehicle maintenance and mobile mechanics; the team met seven startup gems set to transform how we travel.

Gazelle Tech's lightweight vehicle

While at Mondial.Tech, an event organised in the margins of the Paris Motor Show and dedicated to technological innovations of tomorrow's mobility, the inOut team took the opportunity to go out and meet new mobility startups. The first episode of our series looks at Gazelle Tech, a startup from the outskirts of Bordeaux, which designs ultra-light vehicles to reduce fuel consumption.

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Carfit gives your car a check-up


Prevention rather than cure could be one way to sum up Carfit promises. Based in Palo Alto, Paris, Lille and Hong Kong, the startup has developed a connected mini-box that, when installed beside the steering wheel, can identify vibrations that indicate wear or mechanical issues. Through a Cloud-based comparative analysis that uses Machine Learning , Carfit Puls allows drivers to monitor the condition of their vehicle in real-time and anticipate maintenance needs (brakes, shock absorbers, tyres, wheel alignment, and similar).

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Allo Joe, the mobile mechanic finder

Interested in having your vehicle serviced in your garage rather than at the garage? Since 2017, this is a service offered by the Nantes startup Allo Joe, which specialises in providing a mobile mechanic service that employs professional mechanics.

The principle is as follows: the customer submits a request online or by telephone and receives a detailed estimate that includes labour and parts. If the customer accepts the estimate, the mechanic goes out to his/her home or work place to carry out routine maintenance services covering oil change, servicing, brakes, clutch, and similar.

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Vulog, a shared mobility gem

With Evo in Vancouver, Mol Limo in Budapest, Poppy in Antwerp, Green Mobility in Copenhagen, Emov in Madrid, and Auto Bleue in Nice, if you're used to carsharing when you travel, chances are you've already used Vulog technology. Because this startup, founded by two INRIA researchers, offers white-label turnkey services for shared mobility around the globe. Its customers and partners include local authorities, as might be expected, along with startups, car manufacturers, and parts manufacturers.

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WeNow, the eco-mobility champion

Cutting fuel costs while reducing their carbon footprint is the attractive proposition that We Now offers to fleet managers with its smart solution. The principle is as follows: by installing a smart box in every vehicle, a range of useful information can be collected (fuel consumption, trip cost, and similar), fuel waste factors can be detected, and driving habits that could lead to lower fuel consumption can be identified. Through a mobile app, drivers can then benefit from personalised coaching in eco-driving that includes, among others, fun challenges and team challenges. Ultimately, WeNow's solution makes it possible to offset all vehicle fleet’s CO2 emissions by funding UN-certified projects and planting trees.

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How Chargemap is boosting electromobility

Chargemap Pass

When Yoann Nussbaumer launched Chargemap in 2011, although electric vehicles weren't yet 'on' the road, the need was already evident. Referencing electric charge points covers the everyday concerns of electric vehicle drivers, and removes one of the main obstacles to the development of electromobility. Chargemap is thus built on a collaborative logic, based on a community that informs, locates and describes charge stations in the European network. In just a few years, the platform has become a reference with no less than 200,000 users in Europe (half of which outside France), 60,000 monthly contributions, and over 166,000 referenced connectors.

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Toucango, the assistant that encourages careful driving

Every year, sleepiness and inattention at the wheel are among the main causes of death on the road along with factors such as alcohol, speeding and failure to wear a seatbelt. These are road safety issues that Innov Plus, an Orsay-based startup, intends to address with its solution Toucango. Toucango is a connected box that, thanks to an optical sensor and facial analysis software, detects facial expressions, signs of drowsiness, and lack of attention such as yawning, blinking, and the closing of the eyes. The box then emits audio, visual or vibrating alerts.

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