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28 > 31 MARCH 2019

Solar Impulse: explorer Bertrand Piccard, sponsor of inOut 2019

inOut 2019

In 2016, Bertrand Piccard and his partner André Borschberg reached the end of a round-the-world tour on board the solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse, without using a drop of fuel. The Swiss "inspioneer" has since thrown himself into his next great adventure: campaigning for and informing the world's decision-makers of his 1,000 profitable solutions to protect the environment. In March next year, Bertrand Piccard will be taking part as sponsor in the 2019 inOut event which, quite rightly, is set to focus on exploring new mobilities.


Itinerary of an "inspioneer"

From "Dr Clean & Mister Fly" to "a 21st-century Charles Lindbergh" to the "humanist explorer", when it comes to the many different names used to refer to Bertrand Piccard, comparisons are certainly flattering and descriptors rather creative. The sponsor for inOut 2019 has indeed led an exhilarating and awe-inspiring life. As the heir to a dynasty of scientific explorers, ever since the 1970s the Swiss psychiatrist has been training in extreme situations, honing his skills in acrobatic hang gliding to become European hang-gliding champion in 1985. In the late 1990s, after two setbacks, he accomplished a feat worthy of a Jules Verne novel: the first non-stop, round-the-world flight in a hot air balloon. After experiencing what some describe as "the last adventure of the 20th century", Bertrand Piccard and his team soon set to work on achieving the next epic, one that would be a match for challenges faced by the 21st century: completing a round-the-world tour in a solar-powered aircraft, using no fuel and emitting no pollutant. After a dozen years in development, the Solar Impulse project achieved its goal in 2016 and was proof of how efficient clean technologies are in saving the planet's resources.




Once back on the ground, Bertrand Piccard proved to be no less vision(air)y and was soon steering the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions through the Solar Impulse Foundation. His goal is to present a "portfolio" of 1,000 profitable solutions for the environment to policy-makers and industry decision-makers, starting with those present for the COP 24, which has just taken place in Katowice (Poland), then all around the world throughout 2019.


An explorer of sustainable solutions at inOut

Under these circumstances, what would make more sense than bringing inOut and Bertrand Piccard together? The inOut 2019 sponsor explains: “Technologies to ensure a cleaner and more efficient mobility and to guarantee our freedom of movement while being much more respectful of the environment already exist. Provided that they are implemented. For this reason, I am impatient to discover at inOut solutions for mobility and to present projects brought by the Solar Impulse Foundation.”


Due to attend inOut on 28 and 29 March, Bertrand Piccard will take part in a number of conferences and round table discussions at the Couvent des Jacobins conference centre on the topic of exploring new mobilities. There he will also be met with hundreds of school students, whilst the Solar Impulse team will have the opportunity to engage in discussions with start-ups, large groups and public stakeholders committed to the future of mobility throughout the [IN]door part of the event.

Want to explore the world of new mobilities with Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation? Sign up for the inOut experience now

Photo credit : © Solar Impulse-Revillard-Rezo.ch


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