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28 > 31 MARS 2019

Les Orateurs 2019


Jean-Marie BONNIN

Professeur (HDR) at IMT Atlantique

I am currently professor (HDR) at IMT Atlantique and the leader of the Inria/EASE research team, as well as the scientific director of the RTS (Network, Telecommunications and Services) IRISA's department


First areas of research were around the convergence between IP networks and mobile telephony networks, and therefore in heterogeneous handover management. More recently, I have also been involved in research projects dealing with the mobility of the networks and its application to ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). Currently, I am focused on how to provide pervasive applications with a good perception of their environment through localized interactions. The team consider mostly the application of our research to Smart City and cooperative autonomous vehicles

hold a PhD degree in computer science from the university of Strasbourg (1998) and am cofounder and scientific advisor of the YoGoKo startup which provides communication solutions for cooperative ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) including autonomous vehicles.

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